A deep dive into the study of soft power and the feminine mystique.

"To study the history of soft power is to know, this is a woman's game."
Ayesha faines
Founder, Women Love Power

Master class is an unprecedented glimpse into the inner workings of feminine power.

Master Class is a monthly, subscription-based, documentary-style  lecture series. Master Class members receive exclusive access to  new courses, with content streamed every month,   on dynamic topics relating to soft power, personal mastery, masculine and feminine archetypes, and the feminine mystique.  

When you  join Master Class, you get access to  curated discussions, exercises and supplementary materials. You’ll also have around the clock access to your materials and a first-class community of women who are smart, dynamic, ambitious, and rising in their feminine power– just like you.



I  am here to help you reclaim your power to live as you choose.

The problem with ‘the rules’ and traditional women’s advice is that it does not free us. Traditional scholarship on femininity gives us more boundaries, more expectations, and more prescriptions for behavior that are rooted in fear, and ignorance about what makes us supreme.

So many people really do believe that our power begins and ends at youth, beauty, and our willingness to give ourselves away, unconditionally, to others. So many people confuse our softness with blind submission. And so many people, at different eras in history, also believed the earth was flat…

Because so many people can be wrong.

Truth is light, and knowledge is power.

Armed with information, you can accomplish absolutely anything.

 With deep knowledge and  a curated lifestyle, you can shift your mindset, amplify your sensuality, find your power, your confidence and the freedom to live and love on your own terms. 

I offer a rare, specialized expertise in  the unique ways women acquire and wield power, by harnessing their  innate strengths. I recognize that as it stands, most of the scholarship on power, is written by men,  for men.  

As such, I’ve devoted a decade to studying soft power and the feminine principle. I’ve been mentored by brilliant tacticians, both men and women.  I’ve studied the lives of dynamic women who’ve mastered themselves and their circumstances. For over a decade, I have voraciously committed to becoming a thought leader in the  realm of female power—  just as the world experiences a massive shift towards feminine consciousness.

The world needs you, at your best. The world is waiting for  the woman you were born to be…

The world needs more women, like you,  who are powerful, authentic and  brave– and who actively choose love over fear. Let’s embark on this journey of self-discovery, passion and  power together. Let’s dive deep into knowledge that for so long, was forbidden. Let’s release everything that no longer serves us. Let’s connect with an exclusive group of women– who are settling for nothing less than the best. And let’s design a life of passion and  purpose.



My expertise is helping women completely overthrow playing small.  With fresh ideas, and ancient wisdom, I  empower women to build legendary lives, heart-centered empires, magnetic presence, and radiant self-love.

Power is the ability to get what you want. Power is the ability to get your needs and desires met.

From tantra to the art of conversation,  “Master class” is a curated, documenatary-style  lecture series that unearths  powerful feminine wisdom. Access breakthrough ideas and empowering tactics, as you learn from a broad spectrum of disciplines–mythology, psychology, history, literature, film, eastern philosophy  and more.

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