You command power in the boardroom and the bedroom.

The sage....

Is your DOMINANT feminine archetype.

The lover...

even if not your second highest archetype, is ACTIVE and over 70% on the quiz, ideally.

“Life is a dance between making it happen and letting it happen.”
Arianna huffington

A snapshot of the Boss

Patron Saint:


In Pop Culture:

Amal Clooney

On television:

Olivia Pope, Scandal

In film:

Jacqueline Broyer, Boomerang

Your Potential To Captivate

Even the most skilled player will fumble when he encounters a woman who is confident, competent, and totally self-possessed. Some people call you an alpha-female, a “boss babe”, or better yet, the perfect mix of beauty and brains. Regardless of the label, when a successful man meets you—he’s met his match.

Your cool demeanor, mental acuity and emotional independence are the essence of your appeal. With the “sage” as your dominant archetype, you are a goal-oriented woman, motivated by proximity to power and the pursuit of knowledge. Unlike the siren, you do not need to connect in order to feel fulfilled. When a man senses that you do not fundamentally need him, you ignite a man’s instinct to chase and conquer. 

Consider how fictional DC fixer Olivia Pope triggers neurotic behavior in the otherwise self-possessed President Fitzgerald Grant on ABC’s Scandal, or how international human rights attorney Amal Clooney turned the tables on a life-long bachelor George Clooney.

You thrive in traditionally male-dominated environments and you may enjoy conversations about business, politics, and current events. Sometimes you date for sport– your tremendous self-sufficiency allows you to play the field without fear of heartbreak.


The Boss is ruled by the cool “sage” archetype, but when you are not connected to your creative, life-force “lover” energy, your tendency to live in your head causes you to overthink and judge. It makes it difficult for you to experience the pleasure of feeling rooted and totally present in the moment.  When sage energy goes unbalanced, it’s a challenge to  really tap into your full creative potential. Furthermore,  your cool demeanor, while potentially fascinating,  can also work as armor, repelling more than it attracts, thus keeping people at a respectful distance. This may make it harder to accomplish some of your personal and professional goals. When “Boss” women are totally aligned with their sage energy, and also connected to their sensual lover energy, they are force with which to be reckoned. These women are not only sharp strategists and witty conversationalist, but they fully inhabit their bodies, they are infinitely creativity ( Martha Stewart is actually a boss) and they feel at home in the realm of sensuality and emotional expression. 

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