The Sophisticate

You exude elegance, worldliness and a touch of mystery.

The lover....

Is your DOMINANT feminine archetype.
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The Sage...

Is your second highest archetype.
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"A woman has to be intelligent, have charm, a sense of humor, and be kind. It's the same qualities I require from a man."
catherine deneuve

A snapshot of the Sophisticate

Patron Saint:

Jacqueline Kennedy

In Pop Culture:

Carla Bruni Sarkozy

On television:

Dhomonique Devereaux, Dynasty

In film:

Matty Walker Body Heat

Your Potential To Captivate

You are elegance personified. Graceful and dignified with discriminating tastes, your complex blend of the siren’s warm, erotic energy and the sage’s cool objectivity fascinates men. Your poise attracts,  but the real magic happens once people get close. That’s when you disarm with wit and charm.

If you’ve developed your sage energy, then  you are capable of distancing yourself from your feelings enough to see events as they are, not as your emotions color them.  With the siren’s sensuality, and sage’s level-headed approach, you have the potential to wield your seductive charms strategically.

At your best, you are capable of choosing men, and making them feel they have chosen you.

All sophisticates have the potential to be brilliant conversationalists; you possess the curiosity, the intuition and charm it takes to engage people and establish instant rapport.

Men appreciate your duality; your disarming exterior, and cerebral core, and the part of you that remains a mystery.

When it comes to suitors, only heroes need apply. You are attracted to powerful, smart,  ambitious men.  If his heart is set on glory, you are his not-so-secret weapon. You are capable of using your strategic thinking and sharp social instincts to help him reach his goals. Consider the manner in which Jackie Kennedy helped Jack write his early political speeches, and won over constituents with her chic style and personal charm.


At times,  tendency towards analysis and over-thinking will  keep you in your head, and your sage and lover instincts will essentially be at war– dimming your natural charm, intuition, creativity, and your ability to embrace your sensuality by connecting to your body. Your cerebral core can act like armor, keeping your protected, but actually repelling people, especially  lovers.  In the Sophisticate Master Class, we explore   how  to balance emotional distance and creative energy in order to cultivate the fullness of your dynamic personality. 

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