The Feminine Odyssey

A Journey into the 7 Feminine Archetypes

Harness your unique personality blueprint to build a legendary life.

You attract the right things once you have a sense of who you truly are. I invite you to embark on the most important journey  you’ll ever take– the journey within. The   Feminine Odyssey is an unprecedented series of  seven Master Classes that each dive deep into the 7 feminine archetypes. Each archetype is a powerful expression  of feminine energy that exists in every woman.  To date, feminine archetypes  are the most powerful tool we have to understand who we are out our core, our relationships, how we uniquely captivate, who we attract,  and what we must do in order to live our  most-fulfilling and abundant lives. When we are aligned with our archetypes, we experience fast progress and deeper levels of fulfillment. When we are not aligned, we feel stuck. The beauty of archetypes is that they are effective for all types of growth and change. You can use them to improve your career, your finances, your love life, and your overall well being.



The lover archetype represents the sacred erotic-- the life force energy in every woman that sparks reproduction and creativity. Connection with THIS archetype is what makes a woman naturally captivating and seductive.This is the archetype of love, passion and beauty. Learn to cultivate the lover archetype to amplify pleasure, passion, and 'presence'. Channel that life force energy into creating your reality, increasing wealth, raising your vibe and your natural ability to attract people, love, and opportunity. Laugh often. Play more. Feel good. Heal the divine feminine within. Reclaim your sacred erotic and get anchored in the present moment. Command attention. Feel good in your skin-- and open up to people and positive experience.


Balance this archetype in order to overcome the need for validation, channel your creative energy into concrete goals, commit to meaningful projects and partners, and avoid drowning in passionate emotion. Wield your seductive charms instincts with strategy and finesse.


...the wisdom and power woven into myths of the goddesses Pele, Ochun, and Aphrodite. See this archetype in action with a case study on Elizabeth Taylor. Get exercises, affirmations and prompts to honor your inner lover and use this energy to reach your love, money, and life goals. If you are a "siren", learn how you uniquely captivate with the fascinating insight into your seduction archetype.



The "Huntress Archetype" embodies the independent, female spirit. Cultivate huntress energy in order to achieve autonomy and get in the driver's seat of your life. Pursue a life of your choosing. Enhance your will power, confidence, ambition, and willingness to take risks. Keep men on their toes by maintaining your emotional self-sufficiency and your natural, adventurous spirit in relationships. Cultivate this warrior energy to align your fierce passion with purpose and knock out your goals.


Balance this energy in order to connect to your sensuality, and experience greater compassion and comfort within the emotional realm. Unite your inner warrior with your lover-- so that you are not at war with your own inner erotic. Own your rage-- and direct your fierce passion towards your purpose.


...the wisdom and power woven into myths from the goddesses Oya, Deidre, and Artemis. See this archetype in action with a case study on Coco Chanel. Get exercises, affirmations and prompts to honor your inner huntress and use the energy to reach your love, money, and life goals. Learn how the "Coquette" and "Bohemian" uniquely captivate with special insight into these seduction archetypes.



The "Maiden Archetype" embodies a woman's inner child, her connection to the psychic realm, and her ability to endure deep periods of transformation. Cultivate maiden energy in order tap into your gut instincts. Harness the seductive power of vulnerability, empathy and compassion in your relationships-- and illicit the protector instincts in your partner. Stimulate the deepest realms of your creativity and make time for pleasure and play. Learn to embrace the cycles of life, and surrender to the powerful dark forces of transformation and renewal. Harnessing this archetype is key during periods of upheaval and change.


Balance this archetype in order to take control of your life, your destiny and release all passivity. Shed your self-consciousness and learn to feel confident and rooted, even in the presence of others. Own your uninhibited sensuality and break free of toxic codependent relationships. Trust yourself, your gut and your judgment. Take your goals from the realm of mere fantasy to reality.


...the wisdom and power woven into myths from the goddesses Kali Ma, Persephone, and Inanna. See this archetype in action with a case study on Diana, Princess of Wales. Get exercises, affirmations and prompts to honor the maiden and use this energy to reach your love, money, and life goals. Learn how the "Ingenue" and "Gamine" uniquely captivate with special insight into these seduction archetypes.



The "Sage Archetype" represents a woman's capacity for wisdom, strategy and objectivity. Learn to cultivate sage energy in order to masterfully reach any goal, achieve emotional self-sufficiency and the ability to keep your cool-- whether you're in love or in the battle of your life. Speak your truth. Unlock the secrets of winning: discipline, persistence, assertiveness, resourcefulness, the ability to make good decisions and get things done. Mesmerize with your ability to play the seductive confidante. Develop your wit, charm, and mystery--honing your capacity to be a brilliant conversationalist.


Balance this energy in order to let go of judgement and quiet your inner critic. Reconcile the masculine and feminine energies within. Make the journey from the head to the heart in order to reclaim your sacred erotic, and open yourself to vulnerable heart-based connections. Connect to your body and release all barriers to indulgence and unabashed, unrepressed sensuality.


...the wisdom and power woven into myths from the goddesses Athena, Innanna, and Nike. See this assertive archetype in action with a case study on mogul Martha Stewart. Get exercises, affirmations and prompts to honor your inner sage and use the energy to reach your love, money, and life goals. Learn how the "Sophisticate" and the "Boss" uniquely captivate with fascinating insight into these seduction archetypes.



The "Queen archetype" represents female sovereignty, power and loyalty. Connect to your inner queen to unleash your power to lead and inspire both lovers and followers. Tap into your ability to serve as companion and confidante in love, and to transform passionate dalliances into lasting love. Calling on your inner queen to help you choose and discern "the one" or deepen the connection you already have. The queen energy brings confidence, extroversion, powerful social alliances, luxury, and leadership into your life. The queen gets thing done! She commands respect! The queen helps you establish a sense of security, stability and belonging. Commit to people, your purpose and goals. When you tap into the queen-- you attract the finer things in life, and the world becomes your empire.


Balance this energy in order to overcome feelings of envy and competition that threaten to derail your focus, maintain your identity outside of relationships, establish boundaries, and to break free of all ideas that limit your ability to embrace your erotic sensuality. Channel your natural authority and inspired leadership into projects, callings, community and relationships that speak to your spirit.


...the wisdom and power woven into myths from the goddesses Isis and Hera. See this archetype in action with a case study on Beyonce Knowles Carter. Get exercises, affirmations and prompts to honor your inner queen and use this energy to reach your love, money, and life goals. Learn how the "Diva" and the "Empress" uniquely captivate with fascinating insight into these seduction archetypes.



The "Mother Archetype" represents the female instinct to nurture, protect and create. Learn to cultivate the 'mother' energy for deeper, heart-centered, lasting relationships. Give life to the ideas, projects, passions, and people in your life who mean the most. The mother energy brings forth compassion, forgiveness, self-acceptance and determination. Enhance your seductive repertoire as a purveyor of creature comforts, and most significantly learn to turn this nurturing energy inward as sometimes, we all need to mother ourselves.


Balance this energy in order to establish boundaries in your relationships, resist over-functioning (being a doormat) and stubbornness. Learn to say "no" to things you don't want, while saying "yes" to life. Access your erotic, risk-taking nature. You'll discover that women nurture much more than children, and that your ability to take things from seed to reality can be channeled into many outlets, from activism and business to romantic pursuits.


...the wisdom and power woven into the myths of Demeter and the Eleusinian Mysteries. See this archetype in action with a case study on modern day domestic goddess Ayesha Curry. Honor your inner mother and use this energy to reach your love, money, and lifestyle pursuits. Learn how the "Sensualist" and "Lady" uniquely captivates with special insight on these two seduction archetypes.



The "Mystic archetype" represents a woman's pursuit of inner peace, emotional independence, and her ability to turn a house into a home. Cultivate mystic energy for mindfulness, self-awareness and to avoid situations that compromise your inner peace. Master seductive distance and the ability to emotionally compartmentalize. Cultivate a tantalizing sense of mystery. This is the energy that will arm you against stress, anxiety, and our tendency to get overwhelmed. Elevate your space and turn your home into your sanctuary. Become one within yourself, rooted, grounded, soulful and magnetic.


Balance this energy to incorporate intimacy with your natural emotional distance, go deeper into the realm of sensuality, connect to your body and balance your natural introversion with heart-centered connection.


...the wisdom and power woven into the myths of Gabija, Hestia, and Chantico. See this archetype in action with a case study on Frida Kahlo. Get exercises, affirmations and prompts to honor your inner mystic and use this energy to reach your love, money, and life pursuits. Learn how the "Enigma" and the "Goddess" uniquely captivates with the special insight into these seduction archetypes.

"Maybe you are searching among the branches for what only appears in the roots."


The Feminine Odyssey

A journey into the 7 feminine archetypes

What sets your soul on fire?

What is the spark about you that illuminates a room?

Prepare to embark on a breakthrough journey of self-discovery, designed to reveal the captivating, confident and powerful woman you were created to be.

Tens of thousands of women have taken the Feminine Archetypes Assessment on Women Love Power since its 2016 release. The assessment, based on Jungian archetypal psychology, was a two-year endeavor in the making, and it  provides an astoundingly accurate glimpse of your personality blueprint. 

What are the strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, values, aspirations and idiosyncrasies that make you YOU?

How does the world see you, at your  best?  How do you captivate? What is your calling? And what kind of tantalizing life would make you deliriously happy?

The Feminine Archetypes Assessment offers a brief snapshot of your personality, and your unique potential to captivate.  But be advised…

The key word is potential.

Everyday I receive letters from women who are pleasantly surprised by their  by their feminine archetypes results. They identify with the archetype descriptions, but they know they are not realizing their full potential–that’s a pretty a tall order.

Many women still grapple with the self-defeating behaviors and limiting beliefs that are native to each archetype. Your weaknesses are often the price you pay for natural strengths.

The truth is,  the feminine archetype assessment results only scratch the surface, and  for years I’ve been developing a resource that will lead women to themselves. The Feminine Odyssey will teach you to own your greatness  and ignite your inner spark  by tapping into archetypal wisdom. 

You may be suffering under the yoke of expectations, and yearning to get free. You may want to know how to overcome the habits that hold you back. You may want to know how to captivate, naturally, by being MORE of who you are. 

You may may want to know how to curate a life that ignites your passion.You may feel unprepared and stuck as  you figure out your life path.  You may want to know how to kick your life into high gear, and reach YOUR next level.


The truth is, your feminine archetype assessment results only scratch the surface, and for years, I've been developing a resource that will lead women like you, back to themselves. I want to help you discover:
"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are."
Carl Jung
Take a peek inside...


See your archetypes in action! Cap off each class with a revealing case study of how real, fascinating women, harnessed their unique personality blueprint to build a legendary life.

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We often approach radical transformation from the outside in. Just think back to the make-over shows that were popular in the 2000s. From What Not to Wear to The Swan, these shows speak volumes about our traditional views of femininity. 

We teach women that by changing their hairstyle or perhaps their breast size, they can change their destiny. 

We teach them that happiness can be found in a  random number on the scale, or anatomical measurement,  when there are fabulous women, leading fabulous, scintillating lives of all shapes, colors and sizes.  We teach women how to walk, talk and sit like ‘ladies’. We teach women how to follow arbitrary rules that were ultimately created to check their robust power. 

I won’t deny that captivation involves an element of theater and glamour– but your appearance is the icing on the cake. Your appearance means NOTHING if the woman beneath is stunted and  languishing in a life that is not her own.

Beauty may be in a bottle, but charisma can’t be bought. It’s energy…

"When a flower doesn't bloom,
you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower."
Alexander Den Heijer

I compare a naturally radiant woman to a blossoming flower. Actually, the root word of ‘flirt’ is ‘fleur’,  the french word for flower. When a woman is attuned with her magnetic feminine energy,  she is the highest, most captivating expression of herself. She is both firmly rooted in  her purpose, and open to life. She’s effortlessly attractive– and intoxicating to see. She is well-nourished. Her environment supports her unique qualities, her beauty and her growth.


Traditional thought treats captivation and  seduction like a series of one-size-fits-all tactics,  but anyone who’s ever been in the presence of a charismatic person knows that charisma is  a tantalizing force that radiates  from the inside out. It is  a palpable energy that you can feel. You can see it in a person’s eyes, detect it in their gate, their posture, and you can even hear it in their tone of voice. 

Captivation is an inside job. It’s what happens when we are living lives that are totally aligned with who we are at our core. It’s what happens when our creative (lover) energy is firing on all four cylinders. It’s what happens when we are, like a blossoming flower, open to life. It’s in this state that we effortless attract and inspire others. 

Whether you have a grand vision, or just a vague idea, of the woman you desire to be– this will be your breakthrough.

The Feminine Odyssey clears the path and constructs concrete guideposts to your destiny. 

The Power of Archetypes

According to pioneering Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, archetypes are instinctive, universal patterns and images that reside burrowed in the  “human collective unconscious”,  where they form the foundation of all our unlearned, instinctive patterns of behavior. According to Jungian psychology,  the ego represents our conscious mind, our social mask, and those behaviors of which are we aware, while, the unconscious mind serves as a form of psychological inheritance. The unconscious mind contains all of the knowledge and experiences we share as a species.

We most often come to know archetypal characters through the stories we tell from generation to generation. Whether humans sat around a fire exchanging folk tales and myth, or around a tv, watching serial dramas, the same compelling archetypal characters persist in and out of time.  

Archetypes help explain why some people  trigger  powerful responses in us. From Mother Teresa, to Martin Luther King, and even Hollywood playboy George Clooney–when people closely embody archetypes, they are magnetic. Like mythic figures come to life, they command our rapt attention. We feel like we know them, because we really do.

There are seven feminine archetypes that prevail in contemporary society– the mother, the maiden, the queen, the huntress, the sage, the mystic, and the lover.

Each feminine archetype is  a unique expression of feminine energy, to which we all have access. The presence of these archetypes in our psyches, to varying degrees,  account for the major personality difference among women– they are the quiet forces that shape the arc of our lives.

When you tap into your defining archetypes, you connects with the essential truth of who you are. In a world that tirelessly attempts to reduce women to ciphers — archetypal wisdom brings us authenticity, confidence, and unfathomable power.

Archetypes, lead us back to ourselves, back to our purpose, our passion, and joy. 

Expanding your knowledge of the defining archetypes in your psyche,  your archetypal squad,  can help you curate a life that is perfectly aligned with  who you really are, rather than who you’ve been told to be.  Spending time with all  7 archetypes, particularly those that are underrepresented in your personality, can  help you overcome the personal challenges and negative behaviors that thwart your growth.

Each and every one of us needs to establish some connection with all seven feminine archetypes to thrive.

The lover is our gateway to sacred sensuality, creativity, passion,  and our innate ability to captivate. The lover archetype is the foundation for all 13 Seduction archetypes, which  rare insight into how you uniquely captivate. These hybrid archetypes  represent the fascinating interaction of your dominant  archetype with the lover energy. 

The huntress is our path to independence and our warrior spirit. The maiden brings intuition, creativity, and the ability withstand period of darkness in order to step into our light. The sage is  a gateway to accomplishment, wisdom, and the ability to compartmentalize our emotions.  The queen is the key to confidence, leadership, alliances, and the ability to attract the finer things in life. The mother is our connection  to our ability to nurture, create, protect, and establish  deep, heart-centered relationships.  And the mystic is our pathway to freedom, inner peace, and the seductive  allure of mystery.

During the Feminine Odyssey you will learn how to activate each archetype  with daily practices, affirmations and prompts.  You’ll expand your knowledge of each archetype along with their modern day and ancient, mythological incarnations. You’ll get access to practical advice about how to use the various archetypes to reach your love, money, and life goals. 

In 30 days, your life can radically transform… emotionally, financially, socially, and  spiritually. The Feminine Odyssey is your passport to the life you were meant to live. 


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