Your unexpected mix of girlish charm and womanly sensuality enthralls.

The Lover....

Is your DOMINANT feminine archetype.

The Maiden...

Is your second highest archetype.

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."
marilyn monroe

A snapshot of the Ingenue

Patron Saint:

Marilyn Monroe

In Pop Culture:


On television:

Kelly Bundy, Married With Children

In film:

The Girl, The Seven Year Itch

Your Potential To Captivate

It could  be the wiggle in your walk, the impish sparkle in your eye, or your rock and roll lifestyle. Whatever your signature trait may be, your natural, unaffected charm makes men swoon. With the magnetic lover as your dominant archetype, you possess an uninhibited sensuality. Your secondary archetype, the maiden, imparts a life long effervescence and receptive spirit. Together, the juxtaposition of womanly sex appeal and girlish innocence tantalizes your admirers.

  Consider Marilyn Monroe’s voluptuous curves and her signature walk, both a contrast to her breathy, baby doll voice and exaggerated naiveté. Or consider pop star Rihanna’s brazen sex appeal, with her devil-may-care attitude. She resembles a rebellious teenage girl; dark, spontaneous, open and liable to do or say anything. In the art of seduction, such paradox is irresistible. Maiden women are tasked with evolving into the mature aspect of their archetype. 

You appeal to a man’s procreative and paternal instincts, stimulating both his libido and his inner protector. You also give men the emotional spice and unpredictability they crave. 

Your anti-seductive qualities....

In their child or “kore” state, women influenced by the “maiden” archetype  can be so receptive that they can be malleable, and prone to co-dependent relationships. With maturity, they learn to assert their identity and desires, and their receptiveness evolves into higher levels of intuition, emotional depth and creativity. This feminine journey will play out again and again in the lives of maiden women until they evolve–though some never do. We discuss it at length in the Maiden Master Class.

In their queen state, they can be mercurial, mystical, and deeply connected to their emotions.  Consider Marilyn’s darker side, the private anguish and depression that haunted her off screen. Ironically, that touch of madness added to her allure. The actress never fully learned to cope with her dark side, but most maidens, as they mature, reconcile both aspects of their personality, a breakthrough that usually follows a significant physical or psychological loss.

Until you evolve, your frank sexuality and receptive energy will be a blessing and a curse. Men will be drawn to your vulnerability and authenticity. Your lack of defenses will put them at ease, but you may be attracted to dark, emotionally unavailable, or even abusive men (consider Rihanna’s relationship with Chris Brown) and you will struggle with boundaries. Love addiction and codependent behavior is also common with this combination. Regardless of where you are in your journey, your natural sensuality is the essence of  your charm.

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