The diva

You exude glamour and majestic appeal.

The lover....

Is your DOMINANT feminine archetype.

The Queen...

Is your second highest archetype.

"We owe something to extravagance, for thrift and adventure seldom go hand in hand."
lady randolph churchill

A snapshot of the Diva

Patron Saint:

Pamela Churchill Harriman

In Pop Culture:


On television:

Joan Holloway, Mad Men

In film:

Catherine Peterson,  Black Widow

Your Potential To Captivate

You were born to wear a crown, and while you may not reign over a kingdom (yet), your regal bearing and  glamorous style commands adoration and respect.

Ruled  by the “lover” archetype, you exude warmth, sensuality and grand femininity. With the “queen” as your secondary archetype, you see a union with a natural born leader as part of your destiny.

Together, your two dominant archetypes coalesce to create a majestic, larger than life, physical presence– the warm eros of the “siren”, with the “queen’s” regal bearing and quiet strength.

You are able to divine a man’s potential, even before he does. You make a man feel like a king, even before he’s reached that status. The term “trophy wife”… that’s you.

 You inspire them to conquer the world so that he may lay it at your feet.  For you, dating is a high stakes game.  You can enjoy pleasurable liaisons, but your ultimate goal is to marry and to marry well.

Consider multi-platinum selling pop star Beyonce Knowles, who in spite of her epic career and jet-setting lifestyle, has devoted herself to one man, Jay-Z (a Zeus-like mogul) for the better part of her adult life. Together, they bolster each other’s reputation  and co-rule an entertainment empire.

You have discriminating taste. You want the best out of life, and  you are willing to use your talent, charm, and preternatural social skills to attain it. A leader yourself, you are capable of running a business or being the fabulous social butterfly you were born to be.  You have mastered the fine art of living and you do it with an enviable grandiosity.

Your anti-seductive qualities....

You let jealousy, competitiveness and competition compromise your goals, particularly your romantic relationships. While you make an exquisite companion, it’s truly one of your gifts, you run the risk of losing yourself and your identity in relationships– and hence a lot  of your seductive appeal. With a  passionate nature and desire for commitment, you may find the single life daunting, and require  balancing archetypes to make smarter romantic choices and avoid co-dependent behavior.

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