The Five Laws of feminine POWER

The keys to unlocking your spellbinding power...
in the boardroom, the bedroom and beyond.


Imagine being able to captivate with your presence alone, or influence just about anyone to your way of thinking… 

Created exclusively for women, The Five Laws of Feminine Power offers unadulterated insight into how to  own your ‘it’ factor, and get what YOU want– in love, career and life. 

Be advised–this is not a virtual charm school or yet another rehashing of “The Rules”. Traditional advice doesn’t  free us. Traditional “femininity education” gives us  more boundaries, more expectations, and more behavior codes rooted in fear and ignorance about what really makes a women powerful.

There is nothing traditional about this program. 

This is a comprehensive program on power, presented in away once deemed taboo, and off-limits,  for women. For far too long we’ve resisted teaching women how to live and love on their own terms. For too long we’ve obscured the true source of feminine power.

That changes now. 

 Based on a decade of  research into the unique ways that fascinating women command power over themselves, their circumstances, and the people in their orbit– The Five Laws of Feminine Power  is a distillation of  ancient wisdom, philosophy, psychology, sociology,  neurobiology, anthropology, pop culture,  literature, film,  martial arts, and the rich inner-lives of history’s most scintillating women. 



A blueprint for self-mastery

Breakthrough tactics to destroy fear and paralysis, control your emotional reactions, and get out of your own way.

Elevate your energy

Rekindle your relationship with yourself. Ignite your erotic energy with lifestyle choices and tantra exercise. Clear your emotional clutter, and raise your vibe.

Live on purpose

Identify your purpose with three easy questions. Get rooted in your power.




... every single time, when you develop the uncommon mindset that separates those who wish, from those who win.

BEcome a magnet

...for love and abundance with an unconventional approach to manifesting your desires.

Master the game of love

Be the game-changer with tactics that lead to mutual love, respect and power in your relationships.



make them come to you

Make them crave you by learning how to identify and pull anyone's emotional levers.

x-ray vision

Influence and persuade anyone by taking a glimpse behind their carefully constructed social mask.

Enchant and Charm

The keys to opening any door-- and getting what you want, every single time.



Turn the tables

... with a little known human instinct that ignites and sustains intense, head-over-heels, attraction.

outsmart them

Learn to quickly identify, and outsmart emotional manipulation in business and love. Forever break free from toxic relationships.

women on top

The empowering truth about sex-- and how to use it to your advantage.





Forget everything you know about 'beauty' and learn how beguiling women really capture attention, and hold others in thrall.

The Art of Seduction

...has nothing to do with sex--- and everything to do with artfully igniting and sustaining intense attraction. Get the play-by-play.

Get What You Want

Always get the answer yes, in business, life and love, with this bullet-proof negotiation tactic.

What students are saying...

“I’m so excited to marry this man! Thank you! I used YOUR phrasing last year, “You are a great guy and you can anyone you want…I am looking for”, lol, and it really set the tone and helped me communicate my desire and values. So double thank you!”

Ingri P.

I can’t say enough about how awesome this course is! After I enrolled, it only took me a couple of days to get through all the content! Not because it was quick because Ayesha really put in the hours and the research to bring you a comprehensive breakdown of the 5 laws but I couldn’t stop watching!!! Her professionalism and quality of presentation, her own personal self mastery and feminine embodiment and her ability to elevate the conversation about women and power. This is a mandatory course that I will make my high level female clients take as part of their personal and business development to go to the next level. In a world that encourages women to move in the masculine and do do do this program helps you step into your true feminine essence by who you BE! 

Danielle Murrell

Founder , Rich Girl Business

How It Works

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Timeless Strategies

Take a peek inside their fabulous lives...

Scintillating Case Studies

A crowd favorite, The Five Laws of Feminine Power reveals the true story of  how some of history’s most dynamic women rose to the top. See how they applied the tactics you’re learning, and lean in for a great story! Case studies include Eva Peron, Arianna Huffington, Wallis Simpson, Diana Ross, Pamela Churchill Harriman, Princess Diana, Camilla Parker Bowls, Erykah Badu, Cleopatra, and  Jacqueline Kennedy.

When we think about power— we think about control. We think about might and strength, about war and politics. We think about force.

And most often— we think about men.

Consider the language the word ‘power’ evokes. Power suit. Power lunch. Power play. The powers that be.  Power tools.  Power wheel steering.

‘Power’ is an intimidating word. A steely word. A masculine word.

And accordingly, it is believed that while men aspire to power,  we aspire to be loved by  powerful men.

I created Women Love Power because I noticed that history’s  great power  treatises— from ancient texts written by legendary Japanese Samurai, to Sun Tzu, and even Robert Greene–were written by men and largely for the benefit of men.

Everything we know about power, the way we envision power, how we acquire it, how we wield it,  and who we assume is entitled to it,  all of our ideas about  power,  are based on the premise that power is inherently masculine.

A man’s thing.

Currency that spends only within a man’s world.

And this could not be further from the truth.

Power is the ability to get what you want.

Power is the ability to get your needs and  desires met.

But  as you probably know, when it comes to women, that is often easier said than done.

You see, most of us were raised, in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, to be ‘nice’. We were taught that deference, beauty, and niceness were the hallmarks of femininity. We grew up in societies that maligned powerful women, were suspicious of them, and labeled them  pejoratively– referring to the boldest and fiercest among us as  femme fatales, witches, bitches and shrews.   Many of us subconsciously aspire to be pretty and powerless, all in the name of being feminine.

And the result of that kind of upbringing is a mindset in which we naturally consider what others want–and we take what we can get.

This happens in the bedroom, the boardroom, and everywhere else women dwell.

Shortly after I began working closely with individual women, I saw this with my own eyes, and the evidence was astonishing.

Women would seek advice for some romantic entanglement or just getting  unstuck, and I would help them strategize,  offering insight into their situation.  But first,  I always posed the question “What do you want?”

Most often, they had no idea.

Somehow, in the depths of navigating their lives, these women rarely prioritized their own desires. What she wanted from that frustrating  relationship, from the sex she was having, from the life she was living, from  her career. Or maybe she did know, but there was shame and fear around affirming her desires aloud. I found that these women were reluctant to empower their truth.

I can’t say I blame them, because we are raised  to prioritize selflessness over selfishness, pleasing over pleasure, and sensibility over sensuality.

We are encouraged to stuff our own desires beneath the mattress and to leave them there.

And its  inevitable that at a certain point in our lives we will arrive at a crossroads where dismissing desire is not enough. We begin to crave agency– the ability to call the shots in our lives. You may be standing at that crossroads right now.

You sense your own power– the power to live as you choose– you just don’t know how to tap into it.

It feels like restlessness. It feels like a yearning for freedom. It sounds like a quiet voice saying, I can do more. I can be more. I want more.

"Power is the ability to get what you want.
Power is the ability to get your needs and desires met."

We rise to the top by pairing charm and charisma, with rock-solid inner strength and courage. We rise to the top by uniting instinct with intellect. 

We rise to the top by knowing we belong there. 

The Five Laws of Feminine Power is game-changing because there is no other resource like this.

These are the subjects we consider too  taboo to discuss. We refrain from teaching women how to get what they want. And so, for too long, we’ve kept generations of women in the dark, ignorant of their own power.

When women acquire power, we use it to improve our lives, and  the lives of those we love.

We create thriving, caring, responsible companies. We improve the lives of our families, our children and our men. We heal our communities.

For women, power is more than a game.

Power is our birthright.

We are living at an incredible point in history during which women recognize their deep, mysterious, Earth-shifting  power and they are rising one by one. We are experiencing a dramatic shift in feminine consciousness and women all over the world are responding by stepping up in their communities and in their chosen industries. These women are giving themselves permission to be bold,  to act on their desires,  and to experience pleasure, power and purpose. These women recognize that femininity is the most powerful force on the planet– and they are not afraid to use it. 

You are one of those women.

And this is your moment.

Powerfully yours,


Enrolling in The Five Laws of Feminine Power will transform your life if...

"Ayesha taught me to finally understand why I dated the way I did, and stop! Now I'm constantly sought after, turning down men before we ever hit the bedroom, and most importantly, I love myself deeply and fully. I have never felt as powerful in my life with my life as I do now. I can't thank Ayesha enough. ...And did I mention her tactics landed me a job making more money, when I was used to settling for less? Take this course. It will change your life."
Danita Hinnant


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Ayesha K. Faines is a writer, thought leader, and rising voice for feminine power and social change. She is the creator and founder of Women Love Power, a digital educational platform, where she’s amassed a  fierce, international following, nearly 100,000 women strong. She has dedicated a decade to researching the unique ways that women acquire and wield power and she is considered an expert in feminine power, intersectionality and archetypal mythology. She has been featured in numerous media outlets including MTV,  Essence, The Michael Baisden Radio Show,  Time, AfroPunk, FOX/My9TV, Hot 97,, and The Grapevine TV where she is a featured panelist. She is a columnist for Zora Magazine and she  has lectured all over the world, before organizations and academic institutions including The University of British Columbia, Rice University, Columbia University, the Fashion Institute of TechnologyIndiana University, the University of New Haven and Temple University.   Ayesha’s passion, away from work, is dance. She performs and competes salsa “on two” as a member Reinas del Tumbao, a professional competitive salsa team . She began her career as a television news reporter and financial news journalist. She is graduate of Yale University where she majored in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations