The Coquette

You emotional detachment and self-sufficiency drives men to extremes.

The huntress....

Is your DOMINANT feminine archetype.

The lover...

even if not your second highest, is ACTIVE, and ideally above 70%.

"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun."
Katherine hepburn

A snapshot of the Coquette

Patron Saint:

Marlene Dietrich

In Pop Culture:

Serena Williams

On television:

Maxine Shaw, Living Single

In film:

Catherine Trammel, Basic Instinct

Your Potential To Captivate

Of all the female seduction archetypes, the Coquette is most likely to lead a man to his ruin. The source of your charm isn’t always obvious. Your appeal lies in your emotional distance,  your ability to retreat, leaving the other pining in your absence. This romantic give-and-take can reduce the most heroic man into an insecure shell of his former self.

With  a dominant “huntress” archetype, you are a confident, emotionally self-sufficient, freedom-seeking woman. Nothing matters more to you than independence and you resist being swallowed up in the oceanic depths of emotion. You are a passionate person,  but you often feel most deeply about work that moves you, or championing a cause. Romantic love isn’t always your top priority  though your are more than capable of a loving relationship. As long as a man treats you with respect and gives you what you want, you are content. 

Man’s infatuation with a coquette’s powers knows no bounds. Charles could never shake his first love, Camilla Parker Bowles, and after tragedy and much royal scandal, he ultimately married her, essentially renouncing his right to the throne. Lou Andreas Salome held her admirers in such thrall that two of the world’s leading philosophers, Paul Ree and Friedrich Nietzsche, agreed to a live-in ménage-a-trois where they, two esteemed men of logic, fought for her affection like school boys.

You have moxie, nerve and verve. You don’t shy from speaking your mind, and you may even share many of a man’s interests, from sports  to flying planes. You are an adventurer at heart. You are even capable of having sex “like a man”, without strings attached, when the feeling moves you.

Your emotional self-sufficiency is powerfully seductive.

Your anti-seductive qualities...

When the lover archetype is active, which is critical for the coquette’s charm  to be effective, your  sensual, and cool energy  enraptures. When  you are disconnected from your creative energy, you are more likely to find yourself in a string of platonic, ‘friendzone’ relationships. It may be hard for others to see you outside of the context of friend without that attracting ‘spark’.  It’s often hard for women dominated by the fierce huntress energy to also connect to their erotic energy without deliberate effort. If operating in the huntress’s shadow, you can be judgemental, aloof, and even cruel– though sometimes rage is a good thing, it can be off-putting if heavy handed.  Unlike the ‘sage’, ‘huntress’ women are rooted, and connected in their bodies, but their emotional distance can stand in the way of their ability to sympathize, relate, and connect to others, without other balancing archetypes. 

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