They say men want power, and women want love.
I want both.

And I suspect you do too. Women, in particular, possess a power that is disarming, overwhelming and virtually impossible to destroy.

My name is Ayesha and my work  explores the subversive ways women acquire  power and agency. Sought after for my unique expertise in archetypal mythology, sexual politics and intersectionality, I’ve lectured before audiences all over the world, but this platform is home. This is where I share my ideas, and create educational, inspiring content designed to help women live and love on their own terms Welcome! Before we proceed, let’s first debunk a few myths about women and power. 

Myth #1: Feminine power is an oxymoron

Our society defines ‘power’ in  masculine terms. We associate power with the behaviors and values that originate in our left hemispheric brain function, the hemisphere biologists believe evolved to accommodate our hunter/killer instinct. Masculine power favors emotional objectivity, logic, convergent thinking, assertiveness,  a willingness to kill— and by default men.

Much of what we know about femininity is derived from this masculine culture. As such, we are told that femininity is everything masculinity is not. If men are strong then we are weak; if men are rational, we are neurotic; and if men are heroes, then we are in desperate need of rescue. Femininity, as we know it, is a social construct created by men– and it’s holding us back. 

I am here to tell you that femininity is far more than masculine lite.

Feminine power is unparalleled inner strength. It is objective intelligence paired with psychic intuition. It is comfort in the depths of emotion, access to healing energy, unbridled eroticism, and the miraculous ability to manifest both physical and psychic reality. 

For far too long, women have suppressed these strengths, or at best, relegated them to the domestic sphere. Rarely is authentic femininity seen as a form of power in and of itself. Until now the playbooks and treatises on power have been written by men, and for men.

All that’s about to change.

Myth #2: Act like a lady. think like a man.

Now here’s where my philosophy gets controversial. Not only do I think femininity is the necessary counterpart to ‘masculine’ power– I think femininity is actually MORE powerful.

In other words, act like a woman; think like a woman.

Masculine power is power we can see and feel. Fortresses, skyscrapers, rigid hierarchies, laws, armies and intimidating displays of force are all  traditional signs of  male authority. These masculine power structures all  project an illusion of impenetrability, but quite the opposite is true. Masculine power is inherently vulnerable because anything real can be destroyed. We read about the vulnerable nature of masculine power in news headlines each day,  in stories about insurgents, corporate takeovers, and political upsets.

Feminine power exudes control over the subconscious mind. It is power we feel.  Seduction, creativity, emotional persuasion, symbols and signs are all potent aspects of feminine power. Feminine power  is invisible, overwhelming and thus virtually  indestructible.

 You can burn a flag, but nothing can destroy the flags meaning. You can attack a place of worship, but you can’t dissolve the beliefs. 

Suppressing our feminine qualities– our emotional range,  our intuition, sensuality, our ability to live in the moment, actually deprives women of their  personal power. Connecting to your feminine instincts  is an  empowering  journey of healing, power and transformation. It certainly was for me.

Myth #3: Seduction equals sex.

We’ve come to  associate “seduction” with sin and sex, but we can look to the French, one of the most seductive cultures on the planet, for a proper definition. In France, the term “la seduction”, is interchangeable with “to charm”, “to attract”, or even “to entertain”. It is everything but sex– a lively conversation, a waft of perfume, an innocent brush of skin, any act comprising of the promise and pursuit of pleasure. To seduce is to tap into sensual undercurrent that pervades the entire natural world. The intent is always the same: to persuade.

Seduction is the ultimate form of power and persuasion because it bypasses the rational and touches the emotions. From corporations selling to the masses, to political campaigns, seduction is all around you. Seduction triggers our predilection for pleasure. It is soft power– and  it continues to be the antidote to masculine brawn. It is power, not by force, but by fantasy.

Myth #4: FEMINinity belongs at home.

Our power extends far beyond the domestic realm. 

Feminine power is all-encompassing and  by far, the greatest untapped resource on the planet. It can be  leveraged to grow our businesses, strengthen our communities, bond our families, improve our schools, govern our districts, and tackle some of the most dire challenges facing our planet– like poverty, global warming, and the destruction of precious natural resources.

Our feminine consciousness– creativity, sensuality, inclusivity, emotional depth,  intuition, and deep reverence for the sacredness of all life– must be elevated and introduced to all realms of the public and private spheres if we are to experience a more balanced and peaceful world.


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This is a golden age for  women. We no longer have to seduce for our supper, and thank goodness for that. Today, we ply our techniques to improve our options. Romantic and worldly success go hand-in-hand. Both take moxie, nerve, and verve. Both require that decide the life we want to live—and then become the woman who lives it.
The world is on the cusp of change and our future depends on women, like you, who choose to stand up in their relationships, communities, and businesses. We can no longer afford to play small We must resist allowing others define us, and set the boundaries of our potential. We must be willing to walk in our own magnificent light and lead others towards the glory of a new day.
With powerful love & loving power,